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The Mindfulness Playbook, 8 Strategies for Winning at the Game of Life, merges professional sports psychology with ancient mindful practices.  Whether you are a veteran in mindfulness or new to the conversation, this book will inspire you to live your most authentic and powerful life.  (Learn more)





Enhance your journey in mindfulness with guided meditations.

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Mindfulness Playbook Meditations


The Mindfulness Playbook Meditations are a complement to The Mindfulness Playbook, 8 Strategies to Winning at the Game of Life


Master Yogi, Meditation Coach, and Former All-Pro NFL Player, Keith Mitchell, uses his mastery of contemplation to guide you in meditation.  His unique coaching style merges state-of-the-art sports psychology with ancient mindful practices.  


When a severe spinal injury ended his athletic career in 2004, Keith Mitchell used the power of meditation to heal himself physically, mentally, and spiritually. Today, he draws from his personal experience and universal principals to help others do the same.


Keith Mitchell's transformational story has been featured in USA Today, Sports Illustrated, Fox News, Huffington Post, People Magazine, Dr. Oz, NFL Films, Netflix, Men's JournalEbony, Essence, WanderLust, LA Yoga, Mantra Journal, MindBodyGreen, OM Magazine and more. 


He was invited to The White House and participated in First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! campaign, has collaborated with The University of Rochester Medical Center, and has shared the stage with Dr. Deepak Chopra. 


Keith Mitchell is a well-kept secret by celebrities, 

professional athletes, top executives, and notable institutions around the globe.


Now you can experience his transformational guided meditations to access your life-force, overcome challenges, and heal past traumas. 


These meditations will be a powerful addition to your personal practice.


Note:  While meditation bestows benefits on those who practice it, these meditations are not intended to treat any physical or psychological problems.  Please consult an appropriate health-care provider for professional attention. 


Credits:  Written and spoken by Keith Mitchell.  Music by Crispin Barrymore.  Photography by Elizabeth Bensinger.  Produced by Premier Thought Leaders.  Each meditation session is 9:59 minutes.  © 2019 Premier Publishing.

Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation


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Acknowledge, Accept and Release   


Cultivating Love


The Power of Breath


Unlock and Unleash Your Greatest Potential




Meditation of Gratitude


How to Deal with Stress


Don’t Be Afraid to Fail


Introduction to Your Chakras


How to Deal with the Chatter


Be Free



The Mindfulness Playbook 

Meditations' Album 

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